December 12, 2022

Interview with Shakkablood: Get to Know the Creator of HPPRS, and the Incredible Collaborations Behind the PCKR Drones Collection

As we eagerly anticipate the release of the PCKR Collection, Shakkablood has given us a sneak peak into what we can expect. The collection will feature an amazing array of collaborations with artists and projects, as well as some incredible 1/1's designed by Jerry Liu, Berkawi, Mattey, Father Atomo and more. The focus of the collection is on quality and fun, with the burn mechanism used to decrease HPPR supply and increase scarcity. We are excited to see what the launch brings!


Shakkablood and HPPRS are back with a highly anticipated new collection, PCKR Drones!  The Drones play into the overall theme of the HPPRS universe, and usher in an exciting new chapter to the story. Although the chapters may change some things will remain the same, the vibrant, high quality, unique artwork that Shakkablood is known for creating! 

“The infamous gang of rabbits who participate in mischievous and heinous activities.”


In this article we’ll take a look at the upcoming PCKR Drone collection, as well as cover highlights from our recent talk with creator and artist, Shakkablood. In an open and honest conversation, he shares with us his vision for the HPPRS project, the inspiration behind PCRK Drones, their role within the HPPRS universe, and the reasons behind including a burn mechanism to receive Drones.

TLDR (Although you really should)

  • Shakkablood has shared his vision for the upcoming PCRK Drones collection, which will have a total supply of 4,000. 

  • The collection will feature a variety of amazing traits and attributes, including 15 incredible 1/1’s designed by various artists and collaborators. 

  • The focus of the collection and artwork is on outstanding quality and the fun that went into designing them.

  • The burn mechanism used to receive PCRK Drones will aim to decrease HPPR supply, increase scarcity and drive engagement and love back into the project. 

  • The MRKTPLCE will be active before the end of the year, allowing collectors to spend off-chain tokens on NFTS and other digital items.

PCKR Drones

The PCRK Drones collection has been shrouded in secrecy for the past couple of months whilst being developed. However, on November 29th the official HPPRS twitter account released a tweet introducing the PCKR Drones! But before we go any further, it's worth taking a moment to glimpse into the HPPRS universe and see how it pieces together.


Taking advantage of people's lack of reading Terms & Conditions, The White Rabbit Corporation managed to get their warehouse workers to voluntarily sign away their rights to have human bodies. Retrofitted with company loaned and rabbit-adjacent cybernetics, these brave employees would go on to become the perfect task rabbits. Known as “HPPRS,” they’d drudge away at the loading bays and assembly lines, crafting and shipping meaningless products right to your doorstep. Isn’t capitalism great? Well, a few HPPRS don’t think so… And now they’re taking back White Rabbit Corporation...With guns!

In response, White Rabbit Corporation introduced these clunky PCKR drones. Feeling confident these are what's needed to over-run and replace those emotional meat-workers. 

The release of the PCKR Drones completes the two White Rabbit Corporation (WRC) factions. So where does the story go from here? Only time will tell! But for now, choose a side and battle it out!


PCKR Drones will feature a variety of traits and attributes, with 295 traits in total. These traits will be divided into the following categories: 

Background (~15 traits) 

Screen 1 (~35 traits) 

Screen 2 (~35 traits) 

Body (~52 traits)

Add-On (~65 traits)

Inventory (~100 traits)

Many traits in the collection will be paying tribute to some of Web3's greatest artists and projects including HPPRS. We’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for sneak peaks! 

Burn or Mint

The PCKR Drones will be available to HPPR holders as well as the general public, and will offer two options for acquiring the new NFTs. First, in a unique approach, current HPPR holders will be given the choice to “burn” two HPPRS NFT’s in exchange for a Drone. 

Alternatively, HPPRS owners and newcomers alike will be able to acquire a PCKR Drone by minting them upon the collections release.  

Price/Mint Date

The price of mint is currently being discussed. The burn model will determine the mint price so that it does not conflict with floor prices. In addition to ETH, HPPRS will also be used as a currency so they’re carefully considering all factors before launching at the end of January.

Talking with Shakkablood

We were lucky enough to speak to Shakkablood and ask him some questions about HPPRS and the upcoming PCKR Drone collection. Here are some of the highlights from our interview:

Speaking with Shakkablood about HPPRS and the PCRK Drones collection, he shared his vision for the project. "The HPPRS image and brand started from a place of anxiety and need to stay relevant in the NFT space," Shakkablood said. "Early 2021, I had trouble finding my voice in a space filled with so many artists. I sold some 3D work here and there, but it never had the reach that HPPRS gave me. From there, the brand just grew and grew, both with its IP and the 'vibe'. I'm just figuring things out as I go, and everything the brand holds has grown with me."

When asked about the inspiration behind PCRK Drones, Shakka revealed that they started while working on a piece for SuperRare. "I was actually busy creating a SuperRare 1/1, and I usually make these little companion robots to go with my HPPRS," he said. "I ended up loving the design and I started building it quietly on the side. It wasn't until a couple months ago that I really took into consideration a new extended collection. The goal was to add some sick Shakka art while giving holders the choice to burn HPPRS or mint."

Shakka also discussed the role that PCRK Drones will play within the HPPRS project. "The PCRK Drones are official 1:1 with HPPRS," he said. "This isn't going to be some lower quality collection or sister collection. If you go on the site, we officially have two factions; HPPRS and PCRK Drones. They will just be a much lower supply collection."

In terms of the variety of traits and attributes that the PCRK Drones will have, Shakka emphasised the amount of fun he had designing them. "Rather than have 12+ parent traits like the HPPRS did, I tried to decrease the total amount for the drones," he explained. “ Oh, and I added a bunch of Web3 project/HPPRS tribute traits!". When asked about the planned and maximum size of the PCRK collection, Shakka revealed that it will have a total supply of 4,000 units. "It'll be about 3985 randomly generated drones mixed with 15 1/1s, both personal and collaborations," he said.

We also discussed the burn mechanism that will be used to receive PCRK Drones. "I really wanted to burn some HPPRS," he said. "We're going to try and run a Burn window, then a mint & burn mechanic, for a couple reasons: to decrease HPPR supply, force people to redeem Hall Passes, increase the scarcity of the HPPRS, drive engagement/love back into HPPRS, introduce new high quality art into the space and raise the bar for 3D collectibles, bring in new collectors/fans/family, and separate ourselves as just one NFT project but an actual brand!"

The White Rabbit Corporation was also discussed in the interview. When asked what role it plays in HPPRS, Shakkablood explained that "HPPRS is the umbrella for everything. This includes our Hoppers, HPPRS, clothing brand and drones. The White Rabbit Corporation just functions as the fictional creators of the HPPRS,” says Shakka. "We never really know what they actually do, but as far as we know, the HPPRS were created as hybrid humans to work in factories and the new Drone is supposed to replace them.” We then asked what the ‘White Rabbit Corporation Super Secret Project’ was. “The WRC super secret project was the PCKR Drones! We had it sitting there for a bit before officially announcing our reveal trailer. It’s been something I’ve been working on for a couple months now and keeping it secret was the hardest shit ever!”

Upon asking about the HPPRS/PCKR factions and how they will work, shakka reveals that "the only utility provided for the Drones will be what we have in our CRRT MRKTPLCE. This doesn't mean we aren't going to build more after launch and in 2023, but the MRKTPLCE will be active before the end of the year. The MRKTPLCE will be an on-chain store on our site, where you can spend off-chain tokens for NFTS, digital items, etc. If you hold Hoppers, HPPRS, Drones, etc you’ll receive tokens every time we snapshot our holders (every 24 hours)."

In closing, Shakka expresses his passion for the project and his excitement for the release. "I just want to say one thing. Let’s put market conditions, overall vibe, engagement, scandals and bad apples aside. I truly made this new extended collection to show off some really cool art and bring some love and enjoyment into the community. I find more enjoyment in seeing people’s reactions to things than money in my pocket. I can’t wait for this to come out and I have been purposely trying to show less so the release ends up being a firework display. That being said, I love everyone related to HPPRS and I can’t wait to keep growing this brand more and more."

We can't wait to see what the launch brings!

Artist/Project Collaborations

The PCRK collection will also feature some incredible collaborations from artists and projects, with 1/1 Drones designs from:

- Kibatsu Mecha by Jerry Liu

- Robo Ramen by Berkawi

- MekaVerse Art Director Mattey

- Atomo by Father Atomo

- MarkTheHabibi

- Griff

- Smilesss

- Rarible

- aeforia

- Nook.jpeg

- Terrell Jones


Shakkablood Digital Artist & Creator of HPPRS

Joey Wylie - Chief Marketing Officer

Stone Congo - Head of Partnerships

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HPPRS Website

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