December 24, 2021

Flux Tribe Overview


The project:

The FLUX TRIBE represents a tokenised connection between Graffiti/Street Art culture and Crypto culture. The FLUX character is heavily influenced by global hip hop communities, rebellion and decentralisation. On a deeper level the Flux Tribe represents a change in the way society lives and interacts with the planet we inhabit. A shift towards living larger family units, sustainability and tribal culture. On a technical level a FLUX is a non-fungible token on the Tezos Blockchain (XTZ) which is known for its low gas fees, strong artist community, and environmental benefits. The max supply will be 4200 FLUX.

The Art:

Jimmy Baxter (Artist & Creator)

Also known as FLUX, KON or Konstant Flux, is a Perth born artist raised on cartoons, saltwater, skateboarding and graffiti. He has been creating art most of his life and over time FLUX’s art has evolved into distinctly recognisable characters with a uniquely playful style. He has been involved in exhibitions and live paintings in and around Australia since 2010.

Cana (Project Director)

Cana was born and raised in Brazil but is now based out of Providence, RI, USA.

Canas’ experience as an artist and prolific collector. Along with previous experience in web based Project Development roles makes him a solid fit for the job.

you can find out more a bout Cana here, where he doxed himself earlier this year on Twitter.

Timo (Lead Developer)

Timongty specializes in Tezos smart contract development.he has been working with Mavryk, which is a decentralized non-custodial, community-governed financial platform. Timongty has also created:

Galleseum(A platform to Manage, organise & curate your NFT Collection),

TezCrowd (A decentralised crowdfunding platform)

Timongty has a great online presence within the NFT developer community. Its clear that Timongty has a very solid understanding of the Tezos blockchain, is very passionate about developing new and interesting use cases for the Tezos blockchain including, Web3, smart contract development, decentralized finance, and Music NFT’s.


Pablo is also from Perth, Australia and has been long time friends with FLUX. They have been painting together for over 20 years. Pablo has created 4 different rarity traits for the Flux Tribe project and is an established artist in his own right.

Mainly minting his art on the Tezos Blockchain, he has a very unique style focusing around animals, robots, and geometry.


  • FLUX’s graffiti/street art style characters have been perfected from his 20+ years of development, and this shows in the quality of the work he delivers.
  • Flux Tribe easily has the potential to become ablue chip art project on the Tezos blockchain.
  • The reasonable pricing of 20 tez per piece ($84 when this article was written) for some stunning art, from a team that have already established themselves as being in the space with good intentions,seems like a no-brainer.

Key Information:

  • Flux Tribe will be granting holders a non-exclusive license as outlined under the Beren Convention, allowing you to use your FLUX for almost anything, unless it contradicts the core values of inclusivity and respect. Full T&C’s will be available on the website which is currently under construction.
  • Presale(Whitelist) kicks off Monday 27th December at 9:30am EST till Tuesday 28th at 9:30am EST. Public Sale kicks off Tuesday 28th at 10:30am EST until sold out — Each Flux will cost 20 tez
  • The FLUX character has been developed for 20+ years with their personalities, styles, and traits evolving into what we see today.

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Konstant Flux




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