December 27, 2021

ChainsNFT Overview

Chains NFT is a project based on the Ethereum Blockchain, consisting of 10,000 hyper-realistic pendants and chains with generative traits and properties. Their goal is to build a bridge between where the NFT space began, and where it’s going. Chains has the unique position of not competing with the current profile picture projects, instead Chains will compliment them, by icing them out. Chains NFTs also come with a ridiculous amount of utility.

The Team

Chain Architect (Mike) — Founder/Creative Director

Michael aka Crypto-Jeweler, is the designer and maker of ChainsNFT. He has designed and built 3D jewellery models for one of the largest fine jewellery manufacturers in the US as well as celebrity jewellers in New York and Houston.

Chain Leader (Jacob) — Founder/Project Manager

Jacob is one of the main founders of the ChainsNFT project along with Mike. Jacob is mainly focused on the business side of bringing this project together.

Chains Utility (Leo) — Founder/ Utility Lead

Leo is a Founder and friend of Jacobs. He is in charge of leading the project’s overall utility. He is currently working on partnering ChainNFT with concierge services around the world as part of the utility ChainNFT is aiming to provide for their owners.

Wiz (Nick) — Discord Manager/Dev

Nick is the manager of Chains NFT’s Discord channel, along with being a part of the projects development team

Backseats - Lead Dev

Backseats has successfully created and deployed smart contracts for Lots_Tiles, NounCats, and NFTTaxGuide, giving him a proven track record of experience and ability within the developer community.


KINGDALEK is the creator of SpaceMonkeys, a successful collection of NFT’s. During the course of this he has built his own community from the ground up, giving him tons of experience and making him a great fit for this role.

BLIND.goblin (Thomas) — Creative Manager

Thomas is an Art Director and NFT artist. He has been an artist in the entertainment industry for well over 10 years. He’s worked for companies such as LEGO and Apple, among other places. Since 2009 he has spent a fair amount of time in the augmented reality field.


The well defined roadmap has been broken down into 6 phases (6th phase TBA). Currently the team has completed the first 2 steps and is set to start phase 3 in early January 2022. You can check out the full roadmap here but some key highlights are as follows….

  • 50 Chains will have a trait called51. If your chain has this trait you will receive a physical version, handmade from precious metals and stones
  • On-demand VIP concierge service for holders
  • Chains Store and Club opened in NYC
  • Chains Jewelry Store will be developed in Sandbox
  • Chains become wearable in the metaverse and will be applied to collaborative projects
  • One Chains holder will win a ticket to space, or the cash equivalent of $125,000


  • Presale: January 5th 2022
  • Public sale: January 10th 2022
  • Mint price: 0.1 ETH + Gas

Key Notes

  • Strong and reliable team with a proven track record
  • Incredible artwork
  • Well defined and clear roadmap
  • Unique utility
  • Well balanced and switched on Discord community

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